Auto-speed limits for vans What you need to know Insurance

How would you feel in case your vehicle was fitted with an automatic speed cap? Well, van drivers could face that after one leading member of European Parliament necessary the vehicles to be fitted with limiters restricting these phones 75 mph. Welch Graham & Ogden Insurance reviews.

What’s being proposed?
The recommendation appeared by British Conservative MEP Martin Callanan as part of a draft report into van CO2 emissions and is proposed for introduction across the EU by 2015.
This move could have come as being a surprise to some but it’s not just a new concept. Speed limiters are already introduced by several van operators voluntarily in recent years, and the Freight Transport Association have made a code of excellence for van fleets that aims to travel beyond legal requirements to ensure safety as well as efficiency.
Is all of it really necessary?

It’s likely many quarters will see the proposal as further unnecessary persecution of van drivers that are already set to manage stricter legislation within the coming couple of years. Aside from speed limiters, other proposals put forward include cut in the O licensing threshold to 2.8 tonnes and forcing Class 7 light commercials to go through once a year MOT off their first registration date.
On the surface of this, the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) believe the speed devices could, the truth is, increase risk on the roads. The organisation says the introduction for these limiters “would result in an increase of lane changes for passing such vehicles and increased risk for passenger cars, decline in traffic flow and increased chance of accidents”.
The measures will be voted on with the European Parliament’s Environment Committee on 28 September, and we want to hear your views before then. Is this a necessary change to help the safety individuals roads, or are van drivers being unfairly picked on?


Written by Kerry Rupp in misc on Tue 24 January 2017.